How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign clear aligners offer a discreet solution for achieving a healthy and beautiful smile. With its virtually invisible design, this orthodontic treatment allows you to straighten your teeth while giving you the confidence to smile freely throughout the process. However, when considering Invisalign treatment, many prospective patients wonder, how expensive is Invisalign anyway?

Palmetto Family Orthodontics understands that each patient has unique orthodontic needs, and we approach treatment with a customized solution that best fits you. That’s why estimating the cost of Invisalign treatment can be challenging. However, on average, Invisalign treatment can cost between $2,500 and $6,500 before insurance, depending on your specific orthodontic needs.

Invisalign Cost Factors

The cost of invisible aligners can vary based on several factors unique to each patient, including: their oral health condition, the level of severity of their dental issue, the duration of treatment, insurance coverage, and more.

Types Of Invisalign We Offer

At Palmetto Family Orthodontics, we take pride in providing comprehensive orthodontic care to your entire family. We offer Invisalign treatment options for both adults and teens, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a straighter and healthier smile.

Invisalign For Adults

You can achieve the smile you've always wanted with Invisalign Adult! Whether you have mild or moderate bite malocclusions, Invisalign can help straighten your teeth and boost your confidence. Plus, with Invisalign's clear aligners, you can discreetly improve your smile while maintaining your lifestyle.

Invisalign For Teens

Adolescence is a time full of exciting experiences and challenges. Invisalign is a popular choice among teenagers as it easily integrates into their active lifestyle! However, with the freedom Invisalign offers, it is important to take responsibility for consistent wear. If your teen is committed to wearing their aligners for 20-22 hours a day, this can be an excellent treatment option.

What Is The Average Cost Of Invisalign?

We understand that every patient has unique orthodontic needs, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for treatment. Because of this, it is challenging to provide a precise estimate of the cost of Invisalign treatment. However, on average, Invisalign treatment can range from $2,500 to $6,500 before insurance, depending on the complexity of your bite and your primary concerns.

Insurance & Payment Plans

Palmetto Family Orthodontics understands that finances can be a barrier to achieving a beautiful smile. That’s why we have a dedicated team to assist you in finding the best payment option for your treatment. Our office offers a variety of flexible payment plans and courtesy discounts for upfront payments. We also accept many types of insurance.

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So, How Much is Invisalign? Get Affordable Invisalign at Palmetto Family Orthodontics

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of your Invisalign treatment, we recommend scheduling a free exam with us. During this appointment, we can assess your insurance coverage and provide you with a detailed Invisalign price breakdown. 

At Palmetto Family Orthodontics, we don’t believe that finances should be a barrier to achieving a beautiful smile. We offer flexible financing options to fit your budget, so you can get the treatment you need without worrying about the cost. Book an appointment today to see how you can glow up your smile with Invisalign!