Orthodontic Retainers

You’ve finally gotten the aligned smile you’ve been dreaming of, and now it’s time to lock in those results! Wearing a retainer prevents your new perfectly aligned teeth from shifting and helps your smile stay amazing for life.

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Why is Wearing a Retainer After Braces Necessary?

The key ingredient to keeping your beautiful new smile in place is to wear a retainer! When you’ve completed your initial treatment, we will give you retainers to protect those great results.

Due to a natural process called relapse, your teeth want to move over time. Wearing your retainer as directed keeps your teeth in their aligned positions and safeguards the investment you’ve made in your smile.

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Types of Retainers

At Palmetto Family Orthodontics, we have types of retainers for every lifestyle! The type of retainer we prescribe depends on each patient’s specific smile retention needs. We offer both removable and permanent retainers.

Removable Retainers

A removable retainer is a durable plastic appliance that can be removed while eating or drinking. These sleek and comfortable retainers keep your new smile in place while giving you additional freedom after treatment!  

Permanent Retainers

A permanent retainer is a wire appliance that is bonded to the back of the teeth, giving you the perks of invisible smile retention. This retainer is perfect for patients who need a little extra smile security when treatment is over! 

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Caring for Your Retainer

Your retainer helps support your beautiful smile, which is why caring for your retainer properly is important. Whether you have a permanent or removable retainer, properly cleaning and caring for them helps you safeguard your smile investment.

The Cost of Retainers

At Palmetto Family Orthodontics, we know that orthodontic treatment is investment, and we don’t want finances to stand in the way of orthodontic treatment. That’s why we offer flexible financing options for any budget. Come get your free exam with us so we can find the right treatment for your lifestyle, needs, and wallet!

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We Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Your Retainers

You’ve been waiting so patiently to get that aligned smile, and now it’s time to lock in those results for life. Orthodontic retainers are designed to help you keep your teeth in alignment for years to come.

Make sure you bring your retainers to all of your check in appointments so we can monitor your progress. If you break or lose your retainer, schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible so we can prevent your teeth from moving out of position. These lost or broken retainers can be repaired or replaced for a fee.

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