Can You Get Your Braces Off Early?

When patients at Palmetto Family Orthodontics begin their braces treatment, they often ask, “How long will I have to wear braces?” This answer depends on your unique smile. Our team works hard to enhance your smile’s beauty and health as quickly and precisely as possible.

Allowing your teeth proper time to reposition into a more ideal shape gives you a smile worth showing off. Rushing the process could cause future, more expensive problems.

If you are considering early braces removal, call our office to discuss your options and learn more about braces treatment. Our caring staff will guide you in making the right decision for your smile and lifestyle.

Can You Get Your Braces Off Early?

How Long Are Braces Typically Worn?

Orthodontic treatment differs from patient to patient. Some patients address minor cosmetic treatments, wearing braces only on the top teeth for a short time. Other patients require advanced treatments to align their bite and improve their speech. Treatments typically last anywhere from 1-3 years.

Some factors lead to more extended treatment, including:

  • Advanced bite issues
  • Jaw alignment
  • Age

In the hands of Palmetto Family Orthodontics, you will receive personalized treatment suited to your unique dental needs and lifestyle. We promise to provide quality care to your pearly whites.

Can I Get My Braces Off Early?

So, how to get your braces off early?

Our staff usually recommends waiting the allotted treatment time before removing your braces. Getting braces removed early, before your teeth find their proper positions leads to

  • Unsettled teeth returning to their initial positions
  • Difficulty in cleaning crooked teeth, causing cavities and gum disease
  • More expense when the patient needs treatment in the future

Occasionally, If you care for your braces diligently, your progress may advance quickly, and Palmetto Family Orthodontics could suggest the early removal of your braces. Talk to our trusted team about ways to keep your braces clean and on track to improved results. You are the patient in the end, so while not recommended, the decision to withdraw from treatment is yours.

How To Ensure You Get Your Braces Off On Time

How To Ensure You Get Your Braces Off On Time

Remember, your orthodontic treatment requires teamwork. It is in your best interest to take proper care of your braces to ensure they come off when projected.

The following steps can increase the chances of getting braces removed early:

  • Follow the advice of your orthodontist. At Palmetto Family Orthodontics, we help our patients achieve the smiles of their dreams. Please take note of any home procedures our team recommends to benefit your future smile.
  • Attend appointments, and schedule recommended procedures. Arriving on time for your appointments keeps the progress of tooth-repositioning on track. If you need to reschedule for emergencies, try to keep the new appointment as close to the original appointment as possible. Schedule any extra procedures with specialists when recommended by our staff.
  • Clean your teeth properly. Flossing and brushing your teeth regularly allows your teeth to move without obstruction into their proper place. Dental hygiene also protects you from plaque buildup and future dental diseases.
  • Care for your braces. Breaking brackets, not wearing elastics, and loose wires slow the progress of your moving teeth. Call us immediately if you break a bracket or wire to keep your teeth aligning accurately.
  • Restrict eating hard foods and biting nails and pens. Hard objects like candies, carrots, apples, pens, and nails often cause breaking or loosened brackets and wires. Avoid hard objects during your orthodontic treatment.

If You Are Still Considering Getting Braces Removed Early, Call Us!

While our staff rarely recommends early braces removal, we work with our patients to achieve the best results possible through orthodontic treatment.

In some rare cases, wearing braces for a lengthy period increases the risk of damaging tooth surfaces. Temporarily stopping treatment occasionally gives the patient time to develop better cleaning methods and return to treatment when ready. If you struggle to clean your braces or break your brackets often, talk to our staff about ways to protect and care for your braces.

To learn more about braces and how they fit in with your lifestyle, call Palmetto Family Orthodontics today.